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Rich-tek Talent View

Adhering to the mission of “respecting human values, developing human potential, and sublimating people ’s minds”, we have turned rich-tek into an organization that is full of talents. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, and excellent people become Excellent people, a steady stream of people here realize their dreams of life.

Training and fostering a talent team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, leads value orientation, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the realization of strategic goals is the continuous pursuit of talents of rich-tek.

Rich-tek cares for employees from the aspects of life, emotions and growth.

Rich-tek people cherish their inner dreams and pursuits. Because they have dreams, they are more energetic, more creative, and have more impetus than other organizations and individuals to achieve sublimation of their own realm.


Talent management

Talent management starts from strategic and organizational development needs, and builds a Rich-tek talent team to form a differentiated management system for different talent groups, forming a closed loop of talent standards, planning, selection, cultivation, use and retention.

Rich-tek promotes key position employees to conduct multi-post, cross-functional, and cross-industry experience, constantly optimizes the match between people and positions, people and teams, people and organizations, improves the structure and level of talent teams, and maintains the organization's passion and vitality.


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