Training System

We are fully aware that for personal development, the importance of training to maintain lasting business vitality and competitiveness. Full training system covering both technology and management, and to take courses, lectures, activities, and other forms of exchange, ongoing and extensive training and education for staff at different levels and responsibilities.

(1)Management Courses

On the basis of the combined company development needs and personal development needs of staff at all levels on the systematic training of full coverage. At the same time, taking into account the flexibility of the training, individuals can freely choose within a certain range of training courses. In order to improve the relevance of training, the training program is designed as a design company focus on enterprise features into the actual work to find and solve the problem, in order to improve training efficiency. Each year, the company will combine staff training feedback training institutions to assess and re-screening.

(2)Technical Exchange

Including business learning and personnel exchanges. The company organizes regular technical exchanges and related professionals to discuss projects, technology, project; In addition, the company will regularly send outstanding staff for short-term overseas training and exchange programs in various forms to develop staff horizons and improve the technical level.

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